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OH HEY THERE FELLOW BLOGGERS! ☜(˚▽˚) names brianne 17, proud Canadian and im just a girl who spends way to much time on the internet, drinks to much tea, watches to many tv shows and plays too many video games.
I blog a variety of things such as Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Tom Hiddleston and so much more <3
*cue serious music* but in all seriousness I am here if you need someone to talk to about ANYTHING :)

** Mulitifandom Blog and I cant promise a spoiler free blog but I TAG EVERYTHING !! **




fangirl challenge: actors [2/7] » robert downey jr.


Make me choose:

anon asked: clean cut Rick or rugged Rick


J-pad Picspams ➡ Supernatural Vegas Con 2013. [x]

Maybe I could have done something.

Highest grossing franchise in domestic history. 


awkward in person, funny and social on the internet

nobody said it was easy
oh, it’s a shame for us to part

Hanni had a little lamb

The Walking Dead episode gifsets [4/∞]

SEASON 1  | 1x04 | VATOS
It was my turn to provide the meat.

━ Will Graham (via youarenotnormal)